We understand that importing a Japanese car may seem like a confusing and complicated process. This is why we have taken this process and broken it down into five simple steps. Unlike our competitors who may charge excessive fees, we charge a one-off fee of AUD$599.


1. Sourcing



2. Shipping



3. Delivery



4. Compliance



Why Japanese Car Imports?

If you are still contemplating which car to buy next, we will tell you why Japanese car imports should be on your short list. In addition to being more cost effective in terms of maintenance and purchase price, all our cars come with history reports that give you an accurate indication of the condition of the car and how they were looked after.

We endure to bring in low kilometer cars with the highest grading at the most affordable prices. Our pricing structure incorporates only a single fee unlike our competitors, who choose to keep large margins by not disclosing actual vehicle costs. We are able to provide you with a transparent breakdown of the costs including the stages of the import process these costs are incurred at, for you to make a more informed decision.


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